Want the Best Sunscreen? What You Need to Know

Summer’s here. And who isn’t cheering? But before you spin vintage Beach Boys vinyl or park your towel in a sunny spot, we have a public service announcement: Pick up some sunscreen, pronto. There’s a rock-solid reason to coat your body with this healthy stuff. An Australian study confirmed a message we hope you’ll memorize: […]

Why Your Skin Craves Oatmeal

You probably know that oatmeal’s a fiber-rich superfood that does an all-star job of sopping up cholesterol and speeding it out of the body. But do you also know that its grainy little flakes perform mini miracles when applied to skin? Oatmeal whisks away dead cells, irritation, and redness, leaving a soft, moist glow behind. […]

Your Frontline Defense: Good Skin Health

We’ve all heard the phrase, “the best defense is a good offense,” but if you watched the last Super Bowl, it was a great defense (and perhaps a foolish Seattle offense) that won the game for New England. And if you want to win your super-battle against sickness in the winter and beyond, you need […]