How to Handle a PR Crisis

Every business should have a PR crisis team and plan in place. Business News Daily asked experts what to do – and not to do – if your company finds itself in the middle of a PR crisis dewidomino. Here are tips to navigate the storm.

Appoint a response team, Your business should already have a response team in place before a crisis even hits. However, during a controversy, you’ll want to appoint a response team quickly to ensure the right people are speaking on behalf of your company.

“It’s important that the organization is able to react fast and speak with one voice, which is difficult to achieve when multiple people begin to speak on its behalf,” said Evan Nierman, founder of Red Banyan.

He said the most effective teams are made of both in-house professionals who have inside knowledge of the company and external experts who can see that situation from a journalistic perspective.

Devise a strategy and brief your team.
Protocol is essential to the proper management of your crisis communications efforts. Sabina Gault, CEO of Konnect Public Relations, said each member of your response team should understand their responsibilities and know whether to take a proactive or reactive approach in their media coverage of the incident.

“Whatever the strategy is, the company must relay protocol to any and all persons who could be approached to speak on their behalf,” said Gault. “This means informing all employees, stakeholders, board members, etc., of who is to be speaking with [the] media and how they are to direct any inquiries. This will save the company from having to explain comments from any unofficial company representatives later.”